For many starting something new and different is a big step


Women need to feel free and comfortable and accepted and safe before being ready to try something new. Adventure racing is a fun and exciting sport but can be daunting for the women to start. Women Only Adventure race creates an unique opportunity to get into it in a safe female only environment.


All women need time for themselves

Women Only adventure race is when women prioritise their health, fitness and themselves above everything.


It is a motivator to start training

We need women's only events because not enough women are exercising and pursuing regular physical activity. Committing to the race pushes many to start regular training. For many training for the race is the most cherishable memory- getting regularly together with your teammate, getting fit and healthy, and learning new skills. 


A different space

Women-only events create an empowering space where women tend to be very open in expressing their feelings and speaking up. There's a level of respect and familiarity that is not offered in mixed a setting.


Women Only adventure race provides a safe break from a very much unequal environment

All research show how much women are underrepresented this is the day when we celebrate women.


New Zealand adventure racing

All Women Adventure races in New Zealand bring together a few generations of women of all backgrounds and they celebrate feminity, and strength and have an absolutely unforgettable experience in a safe environment pushing their boundaries as much as they want. There are more than 1000 women racing in each event. The success of New Zealand events inspires us and the level of New Zealand adventure racing, especially the women’s field is impressive too.

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