Welcome to the Women Only Adventure Race, where women have an absolute blast of an adventure together, side by side.

The Women Only Adventure Race is an event where teams of two women travel together in a team, they must navigate around a secret course by foot, mountain bike, and kayak! Stable sit-on double kayaks are provided for all teams and all fitness and experience levels are welcome.


The course


The course is kept a secret from participants and spectators until the morning of the event. At registration your team receives maps and course description, you will have about an hour to plan and prepare. After the start, your team needs to navigate your way around the course with a map and compass, visiting checkpoints in the order specified (sequential or any order) on each leg, and changing disciplines. There could be mutiple transition areas  where you can place all the gear you might want to use during the event. The Transition area is open from 7:00 am. 

The Women Only Adventure Race is far more than creating an unforgettable event experience shared among girlfriends; it’s about women making time for themselves and putting their health and fitness first. The journey to the event is the most precious part for many participants: regularly getting together as a team to train, learn new skills, and support one another to push their boundaries. Women Only Adventure Racing event strengthens bonds and relationships, bringing family, friends, and work colleagues together for a weekend of genuine fun.

Limited to 150 teams a day, we invite you to get inspired, be brave, and, together with your girlfriends, make up a team to compete in an unforgettable experience.


The approximate distances


  • Running/walking 5 km

  • Cycling (mountain biking) 10 km
  • Kayaking 2 km

On race day, you will receive all maps and descriptions. Order of legs will be specified in the decsription.