What should I eat during the event?

Some snacks like bananas, and other fresh or dried fruit; some muesli bars will do – not too heavy. Sports nutrition works well too. Australian-made Koda gels and bars are a choice of many elite athletes. Many other brands are also on the market - find what suits you. It is a great idea to try the food and drinks you will be using during the race during some of your training sessions, to avoid surprises. Electrolyte replacement and staying hydrated are critically important during the summertime, therefore sports drinks are strongly recommended.



I do not have a teammate, but I want to race - what can I do?

Post your details on our FB page, drop us an email with a few words about yourself so we can match you with someone with a similar fitness level and keep asking all your friends, someone will undoubtedly turn up.



How challenging will the course be?

It is a challenge, but the primary purpose of the race is to introduce more girls to adventure races (and not to freak anyone out). This means the course is relatively easy and accessible for everyone with a general fitness level and novice level of skills in all sports. 



Where can I find out more about adventure races?

Adventurejunkie.com.au is our website with more events, like Adventure Junkie page on FB to stay tuned for the updates.



Is it a relay? Can I do just a run, and others will do a ride and kayak?

No, this is not a relay. You have to do the whole event as a team of two. You can’t miss out on the beauty of the lake and the thrills of mountain biking – this is a part of adventure racing, it sounds scary, but you will like it.



Are there any cut-offs?

There are no cut-offs. You do not need to worry about the clock when you’re racing, enjoy the experience.



What happens if I can’t find some of the checkpoints?

Nothing terrible - you will get a time penalty. You should try to find them, but it is not a big deal if you do not make it. First of all, it is about the experience.



Do I need to bring a kayak?

No, you do not need your own kayak. All paddling gear (paddles, personal flotation devices and double sit-on-top kayaks) are provided by organizers.



I do not have a bike, are any hire facilities available?

Yes, you can hire a bike for the event during online registration. Just add it to your entry. The cost is roughly $100, depending on location of the event, for the bike and helmet. It will be delivered to the start and picked up after the finish. Please book them in advance as arranging any extras at the last moment is tough.



I have never done any navigation-based events, will I be able to complete the

Yes, you are exactly at the right place. This is a beginner-friendly event, so the course caters to novice racers. Some training before the event will be
highly beneficial, but you can still enjoy and have fun even without training.



How hard will the navigation component be?

It is a little bit harder than a street directory. However, everyone who can read a street directory can undoubtedly complete the course.



What bike do I need for the race?

We recommend using a mountain bike or commuter bike. The cycling stage will be on gravel paths with some single-track sections. Road bikes are not recommended.



What running shoes are recommended?

We recommend using light off-road shoes or a bit heavier road shoes. The running course is a combination of small off-road sections, gravel
roads, and some minor bitumen sections. If you are not a runner with a few pairs of shoes lined up to choose from, take any runners, you will
be fine.



How does the race timing work?

You will receive a small timing tag at the registration that you need to lock on your wrist with a wristband provided. At control points, there are timing stations. You have to touch the timing station with your timing tag, which will register when you ‘punched in’. The only trick here is to remember toughing the station with your timing tag and return your timing tag at the finish. This will be explained again before the start.



Can I bring a support crew with me?

All support crews are welcome. Although competitors are not allowed to get any physical assistance during the event, we more than welcome everyone who is up for encouraging and supporting teams.



I have never done any adventure races before, can I do the Women’s Adventure Race?

Certainly yes! You would not find a better way to start adventure races than a Women’s adventure race. Do not wait to book your spot.



How should I prepare for the race?

Accept the challenge and be ready to do something new and different. Although you need some fitness to complete the course, there are
no outstanding requirements. It is a great idea to do some training though. The recommendations for kayaking, running and mtb training are posted in relevant sections on this website. We also run navigation and kayaking course day before the event at the race HQ.



What is the mandatory gear list?

A mandatory gear list is items you must carry with you during the entire event or some specific stage, for this event, it is an elementary set. Please refer to the equipment section for more details.



Can I enter on a day?

No, you cannot enter on a day. Online registration is closed one day before the event. After this date, contact us via email, and we will try to find a spot for you. If you turn up on a day, it is very unlikely we can place your entry.



My teammate cannot race, can someone replace her?

Yes, you can find someone else and let us know via email, and we will change your registration data. Please advise us as early as you can. We accept changes up to the registration on-site on race day, however, it will dramatically increase the registration time, so the email in advance will help us to save time.



Can we race as a team of three?

No, unfortunately, you can only race as a team of two. This event is designed for teams of two, so you will need to find someone else and
race as two teams. Four of you can stay together during the entire race and help each other, no problems with that.



Can I use my own kayak?

We are no longer allowing the use of your own kayaking equipment for two reasons:

1) For those racing for the top position in the rankings, using your own kayak can provide a crucial advantage.

2) We cannot guarantee the safety and sound condition of equipment not provided by us or our water equipment providers.