What is an adventure race


Women’s Adventure Race is a female-only adventure race is first of all about having outdoor fun with your sisters, cousins, daughters, friends, and colleagues. We are going to run/jog/walk, ride our bikes and kayak over the 2-hour course.


Adventure racing is about getting out of the home/office/gym into the fresh air and exploring all the thrills of these outdoor activities in one event.


Adventure racing is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines including running, mountain biking, paddling and orienteering /navigation. Events vary from expedition events (up to 10 days) to sprint events (up to one or two hours).


Are you afraid that adventure racing might be too extreme, too hard and perhaps not for you?


Not anymore! 


Women’s Adventure Race is designed to create a beginner-friendly environment to jump on board the exciting world of adventure racing.


One of our main goals is to introduce more girls to adventure racing, encourage and support this journey, and we believe Women’s Adventure Race is the best way to do it.


If you have a little bit of triathlon background and want to try something else, or your sports career is a local gym and boot camps, or you always liked fun runs and now want to add some diversity to your normal workout, or even if you have never really done any endurance sports but love to have a go at all of them, then adventure racing is for you!


Call your friends, get your team together and don’t miss one of the most exciting races of the year! Moms, how about racing with your daughter (minimum age 8)?


All you need is a very basic level of fitness


An approximate distance is under 4km for the run/trek (yes, you absolutely can walk it), under 10 km for the mountain bike and under 2 km for the kayaking leg), a bike (the commuter style will do), a female teammate, a readiness to try something slightly different and have lots of fun.