Prepare for an exhilarating line-up as we proudly announce the Women Only Adventure Race events lineup for 2024, featuring four action-packed events that promise to redefine adventure for women nationwide. 


The Women Only Adventure Race prides itself on offering a course designed to accommodate women of all fitness levels, making it an inclusive and accessible experience for participants at various stages of their fitness journey. Whether you're returning to the sport after a break or just embarking on your fitness adventure, our carefully crafted distances ensure everyone can participate and thrive. The courses, which include trail running, mountain biking, and paddling, are meticulously tailored to provide a dynamic and engaging challenge. With the run under 5 km, mountain bike leg under 12 km, and paddling under 2 km, the race strikes a balance, allowing newcomers to comfortably embrace the multi-discipline adventure while still offering the speed and excitement that elite athletes seek. It's a unique blend that guarantees a thrilling and empowering experience for all participants, regardless of their fitness background or aspirations.


1. New South Wales, April 7, 2024>>

Location: Glenrock Scout Camp, Newcastle

Highlights: Nestled in the scenic Glenrock Scout Camp, meters from the ocean beach, this race kicks off the series, inviting women to conquer trails, paddle serene waters, and cycle through picturesque coastal landscapes.



2. Queensland, May 26, 2024>>

Location: Hinze Dam, Gold Coast

Highlights: Set against the stunning backdrop of Hinze Dam, this event combines the thrill of adventure with the beauty of Queensland's natural landscapes. Enjoy the stunning views of the Dam, lush greenery, and the nearby mountains.



3. Australian Capital Territory, September 22, 2024>>

Location: Canberra,

Highlights: Explore the nation's capital in a race that blends urban excitement with the challenge of navigating Canberra's scenic mountain bike trails and waterways.



4. Victoria, November 10, 2024>>

Location: Lysterfield Lake

Highlights: Conclude the series surrounded by the natural beauty of Lysterfield Lake, where women can showcase their adventurous spirit in this grand finale.



Why Women Should Join:

It is much more than just a race. 


Unleash the Inner Adventurer: Engage in the thrill of adventure, exploring new terrains and conquering challenges.

Set a new personal horizon: Push personal boundaries, enhance fitness, and achieve new heights in a supportive environment.

Team Bonding and Camaraderie: Build lasting bonds with friends, family, and colleagues while navigating challenges together.

Connecting with Nature: Immerse in scenic landscapes and the great outdoors during each event.

Empowerment and Confidence Boost: Overcome challenges, boost confidence, and foster a sense of accomplishment.

Inclusive and Supportive Atmosphere: Experience inclusivity, encouragement, and support from a community of like-minded women.

Stress Relief and Refreshing Escape: Break from routine, relieve stress, and immerse in the present moment.

Goal-Driven Achievements: Set, pursue, and achieve fitness and adventure-related goals in a structured and fulfilling way.

Skill Development in a Fun Environment: Develop or enhance skills in trail running, mountain biking, paddling, and navigation within a fun and engaging environment.

Celebration of Friendship and Family: Create shared memories and reinforce bonds by racing with daughters (minimum age 8) or forming teams with friends and family.


The Women Only Adventure Race promises an unforgettable blend of adventure, camaraderie, and self-discovery at each location. Adventure awaits!


The Women Only Adventure Race is dedicated to providing women with empowering and inclusive adventure racing experiences. With a focus on teamwork, exploration, and personal growth, the series offers a range of events designed to cater to women of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Each race combines elements of trail running, mountain biking, paddling (all equipment is supplied), and navigation in scenic locations, creating a unique and enriching experience for participants.

At the heart of the Women Only Adventure Race events lies a passionate mission crafted by its creators to weave unforgettable, positive adventure experiences that resonate with every woman. With unwavering dedication, they are on a transformative journey to demystify adventure racing, making it more accessible to women from all walks of life. Their vision extends beyond the thrill of the race, seeking to break down barriers and introduce countless women to the exhilarating world of adventure sports. With each meticulously designed event, the creators aspire to nurture a supportive and empowering community that encourages camaraderie, celebrates accomplishments, and ultimately sparks a love for adventure in the hearts of all participants. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine what's possible and inspire women to embrace the joy of adventure racing. Together, we embark on a path where empowerment and thrilling experiences intersect, forging memories that last a lifetime.