About us

The Women’s Adventure Race is the result of an idea that has been with me for a long time, since I have been racing in all female teams in expedition length events for a few years. I strongly believe that general adventure racing is not really beginner female friendly, that’s why there are not many women in the sport. We need a little bit more personal space and less pressure from the start and then as we build up some confidence we can jump on board with any sort of challenge and enjoy it. That’s why the Women’s Adventure Race was created – to give girls some sort of a platform to start with.

The Women’s Adventure Race is organised by the Adventure Junkie team. In Australia we have been operating since 2011, organising 8-9 events per year, bringing you exciting challenges and expanding the boundaries of what you think you can do.

Maria and Serge have a background of adventure racing all around the world, with few world championships under their belts and participation in some of the most prestigious adventure racing fests. They love to share their passion through the organization of high quality races for others delivering safe, enjoyable and challenging events all across Victoria.

Maria has over 7 years of event management experience running customized, corporate programs and sport events across Russia and Europe. She has secured a few podium finishes in adventure racing, multisport and rogaining events over the last few years in Australia, including the Australian Multisport Champs trophy for 2013, 4 world championship titles in archery biathlon, still holds the Russian 24h crosscountry skiing female record and an extensive list of finishes in expedition length events around the globe.

Serge has over 15 years of IT background incorporating technical and management skills. His love of the outdoors started in his early childhood from skiing in the winter and white water in the summer, which expanded to adventure racing about 10 years ago. During this period of time he completed quite a few expedition and stage adventure races getting valuable experience in understanding what it takes to deliver high quality events. He is always in search of new challenges and up for every race which is on the calendar. His addiction to racing developed an appetite to bring on his own races and a desire to share the excitement of adventure racing with everyone. 

The passion for event organizing, combined with a passion for the sport is the main recipe Adventure Junkie use to craft their events.